Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cuckoos Wear Black - The trash can version

I've been playing around with a few different formats for Cuckoos Wear Black lately. I've never been convinced that the original version, updated twice a week, really worked for CWB; getting one strip every two or three days just seemed a bit weird to me. So now I've decided to reissue it as a series of mini-comics which I'm calling the trash can version. Each issue should print out on a single sheet of paper, which folded in half will give the 4 page trash can version. That gives 8 strips per issue which I reckon is a reasonable size to read. I'm just tweaking the formats a bit to give an A4 and letter size version (see I haven't forgotten you across the water). As these will all be in pdf format, they should work on your smart phone or tablet as well. Anyway, enough waffling; Cuckoos Wear Black, the trash can version, should start hitting the web Monday, October 3. If your missed it first time round, or got fed up waiting for the strips to arrive, this might be for you.

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