Saturday, 5 May 2012


I came across the Podrunner site the other day; no idea how. Anyway, seeing as I'd found it and was about to go for a run, I thought I'd try out one of the Podrunner tracks. If you don't know what Podrunner is, and I didn't, it's a music podcast site with mixes for running and training; there are all sorts of mixes at different BPMs to match your workout intensity. Personally I normally run with the Cribs playing, so this was going to be a bit different.

I'd no idea how to turn a running speed into a BPM, but according to the Run2Rythmn site, 166 BPM would be about 5 min/km so I went for a 166 BPM mix called Apogee; this was supposed to be a reasonably gentle tempo run so that seemed about right. The calculation wasn't too hot though, because I finished up at 4.5 min/km. What was really good though, was that the track built up in intensity which really helped me keep a consistent pace; especially good as my run finishes up hill.

Hats off to DJ Steve Boyett for putting all that work into the Podrunner site. Now to download something faster.

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