About Cuckoos Wear Black.
Cuckoos Wear Black started as a place to launch my first graphic novel a few years ago. That first work, Richard and Julie's Story, completed a little while back so now the site is a repository for anything I happen to be working on. Take a look around but don't expect consistency, logic, or any of those other things you might take for granted from a professional blog.

And about me?

By night I'm a part time artist and inker locked away in a dusty garret in the UK, surviving on caffeine and alcohol and dreaming of vast riches from the world of independent comics with a bit of programming on the side. By day I do other stuff ... another day another dollar.

A pretty late entry into comics and graphic novels, but now now I've found it, there's no getting out -- sucked in to spend a ridiculous number of hours hunched over a inky drawing board for no money, RSI, and back-ache -- deep joy. India ink, bristol board, a brush, crow-quill and a bottle of Jack Daniels -- it gets no better than this. Actually I'm sure it does -- I must get out more.

Enjoy all the mistakes, cock-ups and technical inadequacies.

If you want to ask me something or provide feedback you can DM me on Twitter @henspace or use my contact form.